Mobile Patrols

Allegiance 1 Security offers professional Mobile Security patrol services that will dramatically reduce break and enters, vandalism and other crimes against places, property, and persons. Our mobile security is highly visible, intelligence-led, and will effectively assess and report potential threats to your infrastructure, business, and assets.  Our professional, uniformed mobile security guards, working closely with our dispatchers, also report to alarms, suspicious people and activity while on duty. Our mobile guards utilize marked security patrol cars that are well equipped to respond to any emergency and present a strong deterrent to criminal activity.

Mobile Security patrols provide our clients with peace of mind knowing our mobile division is patrolling their business, property and assets, several times throughout the night. The initial patrol includes checking all perimeter doors, windows and gates to ensure  your company and property is secured. Subsequent random patrols are recommended to show a presence at a business. 

Allegiance 1 Security uses a high tech operating system that tracks the amount of mobile patrols done to your company per night. This system also allows our guards to create reports for any incident that has occured at the business. These reports are sent to our clients daily. Your company, business or property will always be updated on the service we are providing you. If you need nightly security checks and patrols, contact us today for a quote at 604-701-1692.