On Site Security

Our static on-site guard provides peace of mind for the client who may require security overnight, weekends and/or holidays. This service is appropriate for construction sites, apartment complexes, guarding merchandise overnight, special events, rural areas etc.

While at the site, our guards stay in constant contact with our dispatchers to ensure safety, and are responsible for the following:

  • Maintain safety to people, property and assets
  • Monitoring and patrolling the site to ensure the property and/or building is secure
  • Checking ID and license plates for any personnel that enters the site
  • Ensure that no unauthorized personnel enters the site
  • If any suspicious individuals enter the grounds or site, our guard(s) will contact the RCMP
  • Any other specific duties requested by our client

If you need on-site security, contact us today for a quote at 604-701-1692.