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Our Services

Rapid Alarm Response

Allegiance One Security can be the first responder for our clients. All alarm reports are generated and then given to our clients so they can be well informed.


On Site Security

“Peace of Mind” is for some clients, having security right on the premises. This is available both during the day or overnight.


Mobile Patrols

Random patrols are the most effective method in performing this type of security. It is very difficult to determine when security will return.


Special Event Security

The staff members of Allegiance One Security are well trained and have had many years of experience in Special Events. Our guards are professional and courteous and will ensure that all security and safety requirements are met.


Strata Property Security

Allegiance One Security is able to provide onsite security (day and/or evenings) to give all residents peace of mind knowing that their properties are secure at all times.
Allegiance One provides monthly unit inspections on behalf of the owners


House Watch Program

Allegiance One provides this service for anyone who is going on vacation and may need their house attended to such as collecting the mail, and ensuring the house is secured on a daily or weekly basis.
Allegiance One is prepared to provide security mobile patrols for residential communities that either have block watch or need a designated vehicle instead for that area.


Security Training Academy

Allegiance One Security Academy is a registered Training Academy with the Justice Institute of B.C. and is located on their website under the List Of Training Academies in B.C.
Allegiance One Security Academy has a variety of courses that will help students pursue their goals in the security industry.