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  • About Us

  • We would like to introduce to you a security company that has proven over the years its commitment & dedication to ensuring that our client’s security needs are met.

    Our clients have “Peace of Mind” knowing that the professionals at Allegiance One Security are minimizing the crime element in the area.

    We have set in place very simple convictions to separate us apart from the other security firms such as

    • Our senior team meets with all our clients on a monthly basis to ensure total satisfaction.
    • Upgrading and implementing new ideas to meet the demands of the today’s marketplace.
    • On-going training to our guards in order to maximize their skills while performing each duty that is expected from our clients.

    We built Allegiance One Security from the ground up. This was accomplished by hands on services starting with the Mobile Patrols Division. The first primary area was on Yale Road West industrial area, from East to West in Chilliwack, running parallel to Hwy 1.)

    Within a short period time we found that there was a very high crime rate in these areas. Allegiance One Security successfully decreased the crime rate on Yale Road West over the past four years. This was implemented with the dedicated mobile guards as well as collaborating with the RCMP.

    Allegiance One security has built a reputation that is becoming well known to other businesses from word of mouth. We are pleased to announce that we can provide a wide variety services such as, Rapid Alarm Response, On Site Security, and Special Event Security. Also our two new services that we can provide are Strata Property Security/Monthly Strata Unit Inspections and the Home Watch Program.

    Allegiance One Security also has the first Security Training Academy in the Chilliwack area.

    We are registered with Justice Institute of B.C. and can be found on their website under the List of Training Academies in B.C.

    We are the Official Alarm Responder for the nationwide company known as Reliance/Protectron for the Fraser Valley.

    We at Allegiance One Security can meet all your security demands to give you “Peace of Mind” that you deserve. We continue to improvise, implement and incorporate new ideas that are required to minimize Vandalism, Break & Enters, and Theft to businesses and residential properties.